Vladiswar Nadishana


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Innovative Jew's Harp * New *

1. Dan Moi Set 3:16 Heli-we Apolingayo (water song)   mp3 (665 kb)
2. Khomus (Altai) Live
5:00 Unregular Dance (unlock the spiritual nucleolus)   mp3 (935 kb)
3. Kou Xiang 4 leaves (China) Live 3:05 Kuzhebar Traditional Cat’s Love Song   mp3 (749 kb)
4. Dan Moi (Vietnam) 2:47 Aeyolio Sue   mp3 (741 kb)
5. Kou Xiang 5 leaves (China) 5:45 Winter Song   mp3 (1 202 kb)
6. Morsing (India) 4:41 Bagpipe Tune   mp3 (890 kb)
7. Khomus Set (Live) 3:45 11/16 Tune   mp3 (978 kb)
8. Double Dan Moi 3:49 Morning Tune   mp3 (1 220 kb)
9. Mondharp (Netherlands) 2:12 Straightening the mind (trad. dance)   mp3 (714 kb)
10. Ncaas (Laos) 4:22 Imip Yorgi Chetu-rbar (National Hymn of Ancient Kuzhebar)   mp3 (878 kb)
11. Mini Dan Moi (Vietnam) 4:22 Imip Yorgi Chetu-rbar (National Hymn of Ancient Kuzhebar)   mp3 (1 112 kb)
12. Ghost Catchers (Kuzhebar) 2:26 Song of Unregenerated Sinners   mp3 (804 kb)
  Total time: 47:10
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This CD is dedicated to one of the most amazing musical instruments: jew's harp. You can meet this instrument in ethnic cultures all around the world. Nadishana demonstrates the innovative virtuoso style and unfolds the hidden possibilities of this little piece of metal. The CD includes mostly solo performances recorded live and in studio. Jew's harps from different traditions are featured on this recording: from Altai, China, Vietnam, Netherlands, Laos and India. Nadishana demonstrates also brilliant playing on self-invented sets of Vietnamese and Altaian jew's harps. As an addition there's the track on the related instrument: Ghost Catcher. This is extremely rare mouth bow from Kuzhebar (South Siberia). It has 2 strings and a fingerboard, so it's possible to play melodies on this fingerboard, using your mouth to modulate the sound!


Vladiswar Nadishana: Dan Moi Set, Khomus (Altai), Kou Xiang 4 and 5 leaves (China), Dan Moi, Double Dan Moi, Mini Dan Moi (Vietnam), Morsing (India), Khomus Set, Mondharp (Netherlands), Ncaas (Laos), Ghost Catcher (Kuzhebar), percussion, electronics (10)

Youl': bowed Ghost Catcher (12)