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Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum
Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum

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"Asymmetric Beauty" album is now available as Mp3 downloads and as Audio CD as well. You can listen and purchase here

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1496 - DVD "Asymmetric Beauty" можно заказать здесь.

Надишана: калюка (обертоновая флейта)
Дима Горелик: ак. гитара.

Размер композиции 7/16
съемка - Юлия Сурба

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1843 - our DVD "Asymmetric Beauty" available here

Nadishana: kalyuka (russian overtone flute)
Dima Gorelik: ac. guitar.

filmed by Julia Surba

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1979 - our DVD "Asymmetric Beauty" available here

Nadishana: futujara, water udu.
Dima Gorelik: ac., guitar.
David Kuckhermann: djembe, brushes

filmed by Julia Surba

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you can order DVD here 



DVD ???Asymmetric Beauty???

1. Duclar Yn                               11:36

2. Asymmetric Beauty                6:25

3. Twisted Dance                       7:00

4. Aeyolio                                  2:08

5. Mechkin Kamen                     11:20

6. Tsaaj                                     6:24

7. Malarkiza                               6:13

8. Jumping in Cycles                  5:10

9. Saekhar                                 11:45

10. Kongurei (bonus track)         7:35

TOTAL TIME                               74:21

Nadishana: duclar(1,5), hulusi(7), futujara(8), water udu(8), bansuri(9), hybrid kaval(2,10), irish flute(4), kalyuka(3), tsaaj nplaim(6), jaw harp(10).

Dima Gorelik: ac., guitar, vocal (7)

Special guests:
David Kuckhermann (4, 8, 9): garrahand(9), udu(4), riq(4), djembe(8)

Raphael De Cock (10): vocal, khoomei, kargyraa, sygyt, uilleann pipes

"Joining talents and sensibilities, Vladiswar Nadishana and Dima Gorelik bring to life a multicolor spectrum of sonorities of ancient civilizations whose emotion and expressiveness transcends time and space. The musical treasures of Asia, Middle East and Europe, have been absorbed by these two accomplished musicians in a vibrant exploratory fusion impregnated with the freshness and the emotion of the improvisation. Now revealed on the DVD, their musical reunion allows us to see not just the amazing variety of instruments at work, many of them created by Vladiswar Nadishana himself, but also the synergy between the performers, including guest multi-instrumentalists David Kukchermann and Raphael De Cock.

Beyond the fascinating beauty of the compositions, what makes this filmed performance compelling is the way both musicians complement each other during their instrumental conversations tocreate a fascinating mythology of their own. Vladiswar Nadishana and Dima Gorelik share the same exploratory passion, which makes the duo a successful concept. Guitar and flutes engage in the dialogue with grace, have spontaneous exchanges, shift tempos while balancing nuances, everything organically integrated in a cohesive tapestry. "Asymmetric Beauty" as a whole reveals also a narrative quality of the music.

We hear a story unfolding, one composed of a utopian archetypal language, yet so familiar to our ears. This impression is reinforced by the inventive use of phrases, themes, timbres, each of them striking a chord, a feeling, giving a polyphonic dimension to the musical dialect. We found ourselves immersed in joy and melancholy, or surprised by twists and turns, involved in a magical atmosphere that goes straight to the soul. In all the world cultures music was praised for its healing power and "Asymmetric Beauty" is one of those rare creations that reflects this magical dimension. Just give it a try!"


Stefan Bocioaca

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