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Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum
Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum

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diameter 49,5 cm

Drum: David&Roman Drums

Pyrography: Julia Surba


DrumBest1  DrumBest6

This drum is made for Vladiswar Nadishana and pyrogramms on the frame depict some life activities of its new owner.

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Raphael De Cock - vocal
Nadishana - sansula, udu

You can't see the sansula - it's behind the chatkhan stand on the video, Nadishana plays it by my right hand while playing udu with the left hand.

Live in Karlsruhe, Germany 14.05.10

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Raphael De Cock - uilleann pipes
Nadishana - turkish kaval

Live in Karlsruhe, Germany 14.05.10
Thanks for Marco K??gel ( for welcoming us in Karlsruhe!

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Finally Tsaaj Nplaim flute from H???mong people of Laos available at our shop! This is limited offer, just seven of them are in stock. Nadishana added one extra hole for the left thumb to each flute to extend the range, otherwise the native tuning is left as it is. Tsaaj Nplaim has very haunting, tender sound, very special and instantly recognizable. The flute made from bamboo.

The approach of H???mong people to playing is very different from our western approach and very unique: for example this instrument used by them to tell stories (literally). When player performs the audience knows what story is about.

Note: the tone reference of each flute is different. on the video Nadishana plays on two of them.


The professional chinese Hulusi with 2 drones in key of Bb, tunable! You can pull the chanter and drones to tune it. Made from curbis and bamboo. There???s metal connectors to make chanter and drones detachable. Comes with hard case.



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this instrument available here for the order.

This beautiful tonbak with pneumatic tuning system is made by David Roman Drums, decorated by Julia Surba and presented by David Kuckhermann.



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RybaKuzheshu1 Julia Surba pyrography on wood, 2010 The Kuzheshu-Fish was often honoured with special songs in Ancient Kuzhebar. When somebody wanted to know something about relatives or friends who were far away, he sang a question-song to Kuzheshu. Kuzheshu-Fish knew everything what had even happen under or above the earth. It lived in water and all secrets and mysteries, which were kept in rivers, lakes, seas and oceans, in ground waters and waterfalls, in rain, fog, steam and even in tears of?  humans and animals were for it easy accessible.
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This is traditional Tuvan song in non-traditional interpretation, arrangement made by us spontaneously. We had 1 hour of time and we was just celebrating our occasional meeting. In fact this is the combination of ancient tuvan folklore, contemporary fusion jazz, some middle eastern music and kuzhebarian rhythms:)
Raphael De Cock - vocals, throat singing (khoomei, kargyraa, sygyt), uilleann pipes
Dmitry Gorelik - guitar
Nadishana - hybrid kaval, dan moi

Recording made in KKStudio, Gliwice, Poland
Big thanks to Krzysztof Kobyli??ski and Michal from KKStudio

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